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The Forbidden City

The Forbidden City was the royal palace of Ming and Qing dynasties. It is also known as the Palace Museum. It is about 600 years old and a vivid exhibition of the ancient Chinese wisdom of “Feng Shui”, the geomancy system in ancient China that governed the architectures and buildings. The entire complex contains more than 9,000 rooms and covers 250 acres with a symmetrical and hierarchically arrangement. All the important buildings in the complex run down the center along north-south avenue with the main gate in the south. The formality of the buildings with the immense courtyards, terraces and stairways display an extraordinarily harmonious balance to carry out the wisdom of “Feng Shui”. Emperors and their families of the Ming and Qing dynasties ruled and lived within the walls of the Forbidden City. Ordinary Chinese were not allowed inside the wall. All the male servants were castrated before they were allowed to enter the palace. By entering the palace, one could feel the placement of himself inside the buildings with a good sense of human scale, yet immersing with a long wealth of history, the image of earthy power and majesty.


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