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Beijing Fast Fact

Beijing , the capital city of China , is a famous ancient city with more than 3000 years of history. Beijing is China 's political, economic, cultural and transportation center. Beijing is situated in the northeastern part of China with a total area of 16808 square kilometers (about 65 square miles) and a population of about 13 millions. It's long history of serving as the capital city of China has marked the city with countless historic and scenic sites.

Beijing is a good place to travel all round the year, while Fall remains the best season in Beijing when you travel China. The weather in Beijing is very cold and dry during winter and hot during summer. The famous Great Wall (Ba Da Ling Great Wall and Ju Yong Guan Great Wall) located in northwest of Beijing. We list the Great Wall as one of the most famous attraction sites by itself since the magnitude itself merits individual attention. But there are four must-sees for tourist in Beijing. The Great Wall is one of them. There others are The Forbidden City, Summer Palace, and Temple of Heaven.

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