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Dali is a city in Yunnan province, located on a fertile plateau between the Cangshan mountain to the west and Erhai lake to the east. It has been traditionally settled by the Bai and Yi ethnic groups. The city is the ancient capital of the Bai kingdom Nanzhao during the 8 th and 9 th centuries and the Kingdom of Dali reigned from 937 – 1253. Dali was also the center of the Panthay Rebellion from 1856-1863.

Historical significance and the beauty of this land have made Dali one of the most popular tourist destinations in Yunnan . The city has a unique blend of western and eastern culture. There is a well know “Foreigners' Street” which has English-speaking businesses and eateries. It is a place for the foreign visitors to gather together in this ancient Chinese town.

The climate in Dali is like spring all year round. With the wonderful natural scenes and unique local customs, Dali is truly an attractive place to visit. There are four unique and splendid scenes in Dali – “Wind, Flower, Snow, and Moon”. More about Dali…

Fast Fact

Dali is a magnificent ancient city. Located at the foot of beautiful Cangshan Mountain , Dali faces Erhai Lake to the east. The ancient city has a population of 3.39 million, of which, one-third are the Bai ethnic people. It was the Nanzhao and Dali kingdoms for over 500 years during Tang and Song dynasties and used to be Yunnan 's political, economic and cultural center. In its long history, Dali is an ancient capital at the crossroad of Asian culture and the cradle of Yunnan 's history and culture.

Ancient Dali city has a perimeter of 6 kilometers (3.7 miles). Its former city wall is 7.5 meters (8.2 yards) high and 6 meters (6.6 yards) thick. There used to be four city gates, one on each side. On the gates were the gate towers. This ancient town shows a manner of primitive simplicity, unsophisticated and quiet. The main street of the City runs from south to north. On both sides of the street stand houses and ancient shops. The ancient city is a walk-only zone. 14 kilometers (8.7 miles) to the south of the Ancient City of Dali is Xiaguan, the New City of Dali.


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