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Lijiang Overview

  • World Cultural Heritage: LiJiang Old Town
  • World Memorial Heritage: Dongba Ancient Literature
  • World Natural Heritage: Three Rivers Flow Parallel Scenic Spot

Situated in the northwesetern part of Yunnan Province and southern of Qinghai-Tiber plateau; the highland snow mountain, valley, grassland, basin that made up of the magnificent view of Lijiang. Lijiang city consists of urban and rural areas of 20,600 square kilometers (7,954 square miles) with a population of 301 thousand, consisting of the Naxi, Han, Bai, Tibetan, Pumi, Lisu, Yi and other nationalities, and the Tibetan Buddhism, Daoism, lslam, Catholicism and Dongba religion coexisted.

The climate is pleasant all year round. Lijiang city has jurisdiction over four counties and an Old Town district. The Old Town district has been referred to as famous Lijiang Old Town , also known as Dayan Town in Lijiangba.

The Naxi Wiseman Dongba created the Dongba hieroglyphs and wrote a Naxi Ancient Literature which was called encyclopedia of Naxi. Naxi Dongba Ancient Literature is listed as World Memorial Heritage.

Main Travel Attractions of Lijiang

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