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Yunnan Stone Forest


Situated in the Lunan Yu Autonomous County, the Stone Forest of Yunnan is 126 kilometers southeast of Kunming. A region of typical karst formation, the Stone Forest covers an area of 2667 square kilometers. The rising stone peaks and waves of green hills extend as far as eye could see. The astounding beauty is truly a natural wonder. Scientific research has shown that what is now the Stone Forest was a shallow sea 270 million years ago. A vast stretch of limestone sediment formed over the years on the seafloor. The seabed rose gradually as a result of the crustily movement. The shapes of the limestone were formed by million year’s exposure to rains, winds, and other nature elements. One would feel as if were standing in a bizarre fairyland in the Stone Forest when looking at those stone peaks, pillars, and stalagmites rose abruptly from the ground and towered into the sky.


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