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The Hill of Elephant Trunk


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The Hill of Elephant Trunk lies on the conjunction of the Li River and Taohua River. It has the shape like a huge elephant stretching out its trunk drinking water by the Li River, and thus itís named. The full moon shaped Shuiyue (Moon-on-Water) Cave stands on the riverside of Li River. The lovely moon shape limestones over the beautiful Li River water has inspired great human imaginations through generations. On the top of the hill stands the Puxian Pagoda. Puxian Pagoda was built in the Ming dynasty (1368-1644), and thus has its history. The Hill of Elephant Trunk as a popular tourist attraction could be dated back to Tang and Song dynasties. One could find many inscriptions in the cave. The most famous one is the poem by Lu You (1125-1210), one of the great poets of Southern Song dynasty.


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