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Seven-Star Park

Seven-star Park is located on the east bank of Li River in the urban area of Guilin. The park contains natural hills and waterways and is the largest park in Guilin. The park has become a delightful place for the local people and visitors to visit. The park takes its name from the seven peaks in the park that resemble the pattern of the seven stars in the Ursa Major constellation (Great bear or Big Dipper). These seven peaks, three peaks on the Crescent Hill and four peaks on the Putuo Hill, forms the main part of the park.

The gateway to the Seven-star Park is the Flower Bridge (Hua Qiao), an elegant arched structure dating back to the Song Dynasty (700 years ago). This stone bridge is 200 feet long, located at the juncture of Xiaodong River and Linjian River.

The famous Seven Star Cave is located at the Putuo Hill. Seven-Star Cave is more than one and a half kilometers (0.93 miles) long. It has a year round temperature of about 68 degree Fahrenheit. The history of Seven Star Cave being a sight seeing spot dated back to the Tang Dynasty (1,300 years ago). Formation over thousands of thousands years of natural forces, the cave is a wonderland of stalactites, stone pillars and rock. It takes about an hour for a regular scheduled tour to explore the cave.

Another attraction point of the park is the Camel Hill, getting its name for the limestone shape looks like a camel resting among the trees. Also, Gui Hai Steles' Forest (Gui hai bei lin) that has more than 2000 stone carvings done in ancient times had gained its fame as "Ancient Calligaphy Art Circles".

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