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Mount Kailash (Tibetan:Kang Rinpoche)

Mount Kailash (Tibetan:Kang Rinpoche) is a sacred mountain in the far west of Tibet.

About Mountain Kailash

This Mountain is considered holy by Hindus, Buddhists and Jains. In ancient texts, it is referred to as the center of the world. The reason can be understood from the geographical significance of it's place: within 30 miles radius, are the sources of mighty rivers Indus (north called "Sindhu" in India), Sutlej (in west), Brahmaputra (Yarlung Tsang-po in east), and Karnali (largest tributary to the Ganges in south).


How to Get to Mountain Kailash

There are only four land routes to reach Mt. Kailash.

  • From Xigatse (accessible from Lhasa or Kathmandu) -Saga--Manasarovar (4 days on a hired jeep, longer by a combination of public transportation and hitch-hiking) or Xigatse-Ali-Darchen (6 days on a jeep)
  • From Indian border near Uttarkashi (very limited number of Indian citizens every year by lottery system).
  • from Kashgar via Ali
  • from Simikot in Nepal via Purang (only open to people on a costly group tour)


Get around in the Mountain Kailash

The main atraction of the mountain is the pilgrimage circuit around the mountain. It normally takes 3 days and should only be undertaken by the well-prepared and fit.




Where to Stay

Weather conditions can change rapidly here and you should be prepared for the worst.

It's unlikely you will have problems with the altitude other than shortness of breath, and less energy than you are used to as you will have been at altitude for quite some time just to get here, however altitude sickness is unpredictable, and you should always keep your plans flexible enough to give your self a rest day if needed.


  • Do not sit or climb on sacred sites.
  • Pass mani stones to the right.
  • Turn prayer wheels in a clockwise direction.


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