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Shanghai Overview

Shanghai is China’s largest city and one of the most important industrial and commercial centers. Shanghai is located on the west bank of the Huangpu Jiang River, which flows into the Changjiang (Yangtze) river. The northern part of Shanghai is separated from the rest of the city by Wusong Jiang River. Shanghai, being listed as one of the tourist city in China, not because of its natural wonder, but because of its important role in today’s China. Shanghai is one of the biggest and busiest ports in China and the trading and banking center of Asia. Shanghai is a westernized modern Chinese city. You have to be a city person to enjoy Shanghai. Some one might feel it’s overcrowded, over built, and totally unapologetic. Though through those busy traffic and skyscrapers, Shanghai revels in prosperity and confidence. Since Shanghai is one of the important commercial centers in China, it is a great place to shop. We will introduce the places to browse and shop below.


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