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Xian Fast Fact

Situated in central China, Xian is bounded by the Weise River in the north and the Qinling Mountain in the south. It is the capital city of Shaanxi province. Xian has direct rail links with Beijing and Shanghai, and has flights to most large cities in China including Hong Kong.

Bounded by the Weise River in the north and the Qinling Mountain in the south, Xian has a semi-moist monsoon climate with distinct four seasons. Winter is cold and dry; summer is hot and rainy, while spring and fall are pleasant. Xian has a population of about 8.06 million.

Being the capital city of 13 dynasties in Chinese history, Xian is beautiful and magnificent. It has rich cultural heritage sites. The museum of Army of Terracotta Warriors in Xian has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1987, and attracted tourists from all over the world. The City Wall in Xian is one of the oldest, largest, and best-preserved ancient city defense system in China dated back to Tang Dynasty (618-906) and Ming Dynasty (1368 1644). Banpo Village site, a matriarchal clan-based community remains that existed some 6000 years ago during the Neolithic era of human history, is the most famous archaeological site associated with the Yangshao culture. Big Wild Goose Pagoda is another well-preserved ancient building in Xian that attracts thousands of visitors.


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