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Chinese festival

Double Ninth Festival

Double Ninth Festival in the ninth day of ninth lunar month in Chinese calendar exhibits the creativity of Chinese people seeking the fun and interesting interpretation of numbers. Double nine, in Chinese “Jiu Jiu”, is homophonic with another Chinese word meaning “forever”. Deep in the golden fall, with chrysanthemum flowers blooming and the air is clear and high, Chinese people take the Double Ninth number in their calendar to signify longevity. It is a special day for Chinese people to pay respects to the elderly ones and for the elderly ones to enjoy themselves. Climbing a mountain, appreciate blooming chrysanthemum flowers, drinking the chrysanthemum flower wines, eating a special kind of cake made for this festival are popular traditional activities of this Double Ninth Festival. Body is exercised, the spirit is high, the love for life and the joy of longevity are the sentiments of this special day.
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