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Chinese festival

The Lantern Festival

The 15th day of the first lunar moth is Chinese traditional Lantern Festival. The night of this 15th day of the first lunar month marks the first appearance of the full moon in the Chinese New Year. Chinese people admire lanterns at the night of the festival. Hundreds of miles of the streets are illuminated with lanterns and streamers with various colors, shapes, and sizes. People play riddle guessing, appreciate the creativity of various kinds of lantern, lamps. One might see groups of excited children hold self-made or bought lanterns to stroll on the streets, adding a bustling atmosphere to the celebration. (picture of latern) A special kind of rice dumpling (called “Yuán Xiao”) is a traditional food in Chinese Lantern Festival. Chinese people also call Lantern Festival “Yuán Xiao Festival”. The rice dumpling is a small round ball made of glutinous rice filled with a stuffing made of sugar, rose petals, sesame, bean paste, dried fruit, etc. After it is boiled, it is fragrant, sweet, tasty and satisfactory. Chinese people eat the rice dumplings on the first night with a full moon in the new year to wish union, harmony, peace, and happiness for the family. (picture of Yuan xiao)
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