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Lesson Four: Dinning Out

English Translation Culture Background

English Translation

  1. Where is a good restaurant?
  2. Beijing restaurant is good.
  3. Is it very expensive?
  4. It’s reasonable.
  5. A table for two, please.
  6. The menu, please.
  7. Hello! What would you like to drink?
  8. Do you have any beer?
  9. I would like a cup of tea, please.
  10. A glass of ice water, please.
  11. We would like a cup of green tea, please.
  12. Here is the green tea.
  13. May I order now?
  14. What would you like to eat?
  15. Please bring a roast duck.
  16. What kind of soup do you have?
  17. I want a bowl of Tofu soup.
  18. I want a bowl of wonton soup.
  19. Is the fish fresh?
  20. I want a plate of vegetables.
  21. Enjoy the meal!
  22. The bill, please.
  23. Here you are. Thank you.

Culture Background

Perhaps the most important aspect of Chinese culture is Chinese food culture. Few other cultures are as food oriented as the Chinese. The chances are excellent that a lot of times during your stay in China you will find yourself the guest at a Chinese banquet or a business diner in a restaurant. This section gives you the necessary Chinese vocabulary for such occasions. Learn Chinese expressions of “Wǒ yào …” (I want …) and “Qǐng ná …” (Please bring …) to order what you want.
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