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Learn Chinese - Lesson Seven: Hotels

English Translation Culture Background

English Translation

  1. Do you have rooms?
  2. Yes, we have.
  3. How much is it per night?
  4. I would like a room.
  5. For how many nights?
  6. For one night.
  7. Two nights.
  8. One week.
  9. I would like to check in.
  10. Here is your key.
  11. I would like to check out.
  12. Your service was excellent.

Culture Background

Chinese use different Chinese words when referring to hotels. “Lǘ guǎn” (literally, “place for travelers”), “zhāo dài suǒ” (“place for reception or entertainment”) and “fàn diàn” (“place for taking meals”) are most commonly used Chinese words for hotels. “Bīn guǎn” (“place for guests”) and “jiǔ diàn” (“place for liquor”) generally refer to hotels which have better establishments and usually more costly. When you want to ask if there are rooms available, you could use the expression “Yǒu … ma?” (“Do you have …?”). The answer could be “Yǒu” (Yes, we have.) or “méi Yǒu” (No, we don’t have.”).
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