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Lesson Six - Transportations

English Translation Culture Background

English Translation

  1. Excuse me. Where is the bus stop?
  2. Excuse me. Where is the subway?
  3. Excuse me. Where is the train station?
  4. Excuse me. Where is the exit?
  5. Which bus do I need to take?
  6. Where do I have to get off?
  7. Do I need to change buses?
  8. Please tell me where to get off.
  9. Drive, do you go to Xidan?
  10. Yes. Get in, please.
  11. Take me to this address, please.
  12. Take me to the airport, please.
  13. I am in a hurry. Could you please drive a little faster?
  14. Don’t worry. We will be there on time.
  15. What is the fare?
  16. Stop here, please.
  17. I will be back. Can you wait for me?
  18. Sure.
  19. How is the waiting fee determined?
  20. I want to go to Beijing.
  21. I would like to buy a ticket.
  22. When does the train arrive?
  23. All Aboard!
  24. Where is the dock?
  25. I would like to go by boat.
  26. I want to fly to Beijing.
  27. Is it a direct fly?
  28. Do I have to change planes?
  29. When will the plan take off?
  30. Which gate do we leave from?

Culture Background

Bicycles and buses are the most common means of transportation for Chinese to commute locally. Taxis also provide a convenient ways of getting around most of Chinese cities. Taxis are generally reasonably priced, though the fares of buses are usually very low by comparison. Foreign tourists seldom ride buses in China, though a trip can be a real adventure. It’s often very crowded, especially during rush hours in big Chinese cities. It’s a good idea to get someone to write down your destination in Chinese characters before you take buses or taxi. Some big cities have subways available. Train and airplanes are available for longer distance travel if you wish to visit different Chinese cities during your stay in China. Long-distance Chinese trains generally provide two classes: hard seats and soft seats. “soft seat class” are generally more comfortable and less crowded. Boat tour could be a pleasant, relaxing way to see some areas of local scenery in China. One of the famous route of boat tours in China are along the Changjiang (Yangtse River).
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