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Learn Chinese - Lesson Three: Asking Direction

English Translation Culture Background

English Translation

  1. Excuse me, how to get to Xidan?
  2. Turn right.
  3. Turn left.
  4. Go ahead.
  5. Go back.
  6. Excuse me, is Xidan far from here?
  7. Not too far, you just need to walk for five minutes.
  8. Yes, quite far. It’s better to take a bus.
  9. Is it easy to take a bus?
  10. Yes, very convenience. That’s the bus stop right there.
  11. Is it near?
  12. Right there at the end of the street.

Culture Background

When you have a trip or tour a new place, you may come across an unknown or unclear address and you will have to ask the way. When someone is giving you directions in Chinese, watch out the Chinese word “wǎng” (to). The next word following “wǎng” usually indicates the important direction information in Chinese.
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